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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pithy ..Normally

Words are echos in time. Be careful with'll hear them again.

In the phrase, "..somebody should do something..", it's often lost that, "you" ARE "somebody".

What have you done to further your aspirations today.

Many of the people who wonder  loudly and often that people are in their business seem never to have a problem sharing yours.

Early to bed and early to rise ..doesn't really work for me.

When the world is against you, you are either doing something very right ..or incredibly wrong. It's always best to know which one refers to you.

Sticks and stones can break your bones but names can ruin your reputation.

Most people who are "keeping it real" or "only being honest" usually only seem to be "keeping it rude" or are "only being crass".

"When in Rome" remember why you came, get it done and go home.

When traveling the road.. "less traveled by".. ensure you have the will to finish the journey.

True friends help you grow whether you want to or not.

Money is always secondary to happiness but never mistake sloth for fulfillment.

To achieve: get a positive idea; work the idea diligently; amend the idea as needed; accept defeat as an avenue to further expand and complete the correct form of this idea.

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