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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why Not


The most indelible question in the minds of children is always "why?". As we grow, that question, at least, on "my end" of the East Coast NY,NJ and Connecticut, is bred ,slowly from us. Ohh I can't say this is done on purpose or, even with purpose. It simply is a process to ensure that the requisite programs and slotted actions will continue and can be completed. The "why" questions will be answered in "Its'" own time . This is said with ultimate trust and wisdom beaming from the proctors' eyes.

Here's the problem ..."why" ... is... almost... always postponed....
Here's why--

Time is always at a premium. Not to ensure growth or emotional equity or proper digestion of to complete the aforementioned preassigned workload.

However here's a thought.

Why not ?

Why not uhhmm... what?

Why not take the time to answer the questions. All of them. Then quiz the kids on their answers. Why not allow some free thinking in class to see why or why not the students understand. Why not keep the questions focused on the subject but open ended enough that the students lead themselves to... answers.

Why Not..What we're doing isn't working. I know why not ...but that's another blog.

Note-With respect to teachers caught in a "no win" situation. That also will be another blog.

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